20 years of hbs in BiH - "A Single Battle of Six" by Nihad Kreševljaković

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„Interference is the only way to stay realistic“ – Heinrich Böll

On September 7th, 2019, the Heinrich Böll Foundation celebrated the 20th anniversary of it´s existence in BiH. For this occasion,  Nihad Kreševljaković created the movie "A Single Battle of Six" which was first shown to the guests of the celebration.

 The following speakers in the movie will be sharing the problems and challenges they encounter on a daily basis: Miroslav Andrić and Muamer Čivić (Srebrenica Wave), Štefica Galić (Journalist and Human-Rights-Activist, Mostar), Maida Bilal (Activist and Member of the Ecology Assocoation BISTRO, Kruščica), Emina Bošnjak (Sarajevo Open Centre) and  Jakob Finci (President of the Jewish Community and President of the Interreligious Council of BiH).

Our topics

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has been active in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1999. As a German political foundation close in its orientation to Alliance 90 / The Greens, we advocate for fundamental values such as democracy, peace and non-violence.

Because we understand ethnic and cultural diversity as an integral part of a democratic culture, we attach great importance to the integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European Union, and in this sense we are committed to strengthening the rule of law and citizens' democratic participation the socio-political community.

Strengthening civil society, equal participation of women in social and political life, addressing the recent past and supporting democratic political dialogue are some of our key program objectives.

An Appeal for Action – A Way Toward a Functional State?


Objectively speaking, the entire socio-political situation in BiH is much worse today than it had been in the period prior to the previous war which was a project, a domestic and foreign one. Facts show that, before the victory of this “project” with its bloody consequences, fewer citizens used to contest the country they were living in, its Constitution and established institutions, laws and the system. It was more difficult even to imagine the ongoing routine contestation of the state and its institutions, also coming from political leaders, which mostly remain unaddressed and unsanctioned.

By Zlatko Dizdarević

State capture - The National Theatre


According to the left wing Rama government, the plans to demolish the old National Theatre came to life upon the sudden concession proposal send by a private developer, Fusha shpk.

The company, who already held the title to a small patch of land in the area, offered to build a new theatre amidst a slew of commercial buildings on the condition that he should receive in exchange the public land upon which the theatre stood and its surroundings, majorly owned by the Municipality of Tirana and a couple of other institutions.

By Rezarta Caushaj
All Democracy

For us, ecology, sustainable development, democracy and human rights are inextricably linked. Twenty years ago, environmental protection, energy, sustainable development and climate change were the subject of the work of some scientists and activists of green or environmental movements. Today, these issues have emerged from the framework of only "green demonstrators" in developed countries and, unfortunately, have become the biggest problem on national and world agendas, they have become deeply political and economic issues.

The reason for this is certainly inadequate treatment and reduction of these problems to a mere professional or just scientific level, far from the public and politics. And energy, climate change and environmental protection are not just a matter of profession or a personal relationship with nature, but a matter of awareness and responsibility both of the individual and the community. It is precisely because of these facts that we are trying to publicly discuss issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to inadequate attitude towards the environment, the consequences of climate change and energy resources.

“It’s not about money. It’s about political will.”


In an interview with Vlado Babić, former undersecretary of the Department for Environmental Protection at the City of Ljubljana, we spoke about the project “Ljubljana. For you.”, an initiative including the promotion of a green and sustainable Ljubljana for all citizens. In 2016, the city was awarded as European Green capital by the European Commission, the first city in Southeastern Europe to receive this price. The recognition enabled Ljubljana to become one of many sustainable cities worldwide.

“Fridays for future”


March 15, 2019 marked a highlight for the “Fridays for future” movement. Over 200 parallel protests advocating for climate action were held worldwide. In Sarajevo, about twenty young people gathered in the Baščaršija to demand environmental protection from their government.

All Ecology

Atlases on boell.de

The European Energy Atlas 2018

The European Energy Atlas 2018 is published at a time when the EU Member States are discussing their energy and climate strategy until 2030. It thereby not only provides a compass on the differing energy discussions in Europe but also reveals how a Europeanization of the energy transition will be the more efficient and cost-effective option for all Europeans.

Coal Atlas - Facts and figures on a fossil fuel

Coal does not just kill the climate. In coal mines, terrible working conditions are rife. Accidents are commonplace. Still, EU member states subsidize coal related business with almost 10 billion euros per year. Our dossier with all the articles and infographics from our Coal Atlas.

The Ocean Atlas

Overfishing, the loss of biodiversity, and an immense pollution – the seas are under stress. The Ocean Atlas 2017 delivers in more than 40 infographics and articles all the relevant data, facts and contexts.


Policy Brief: Priority Measures for air Quality Improvement in the Sarajevo Canton


Take Action for Healthy Air!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), on the list of the ten most polluted cities in Europe, five are in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is another unwanted record for the country with the second highest of rankings for air pollution mortality in 2017 in the world, behind North Korea. Between the 2nd and 4th of December, Sarajevo was the most polluted capital in the world, according to data provided by US embassies, that constantly monitor the environmental situation of the cities they are based in. BiH lacks a comprehensive strategy for combating air pollution.


People on the Move in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018: Stuck in the corridors to the EU

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been part of the “Balkan route” for smuggling people, arms and drugs for decades, but also a migrant route for people who have been trying to reach Western Europe and the countries of the EU in order to save their lives and secure a future for themselves. This report offers insight into the situation on the field: is there a system responsible for protection, security, and upholding fundamental human rights? What has the state response been like? What is the role of the international community?