SREBRENICA GENOCIDE: 25 years of denial

Words can kill, it is (...) a matter of conscience whether language will be allowed to slide into areas where it becomes murderous.
Heinrich Böll

International feministic reading: Texts from book "War alphabet"

"ABECEDA RATA - The Alphabet of War" makes the Bosnian war narrative and tangible. The war is spelled out, every letter of the alphabet stands for a word, every word for an abyss of war experience. Terms change in war.

25 years after Srebrenica are also 25 years of genocide denial. The reading in excerpts is a feminist countervote and a powerful canon of the culture of remembrance from a female point of view.

Srebrenica Genocide


Rarely, if ever, has a genocide been as normalized as the genocide against the Bosniaks. It is a process which began simultaneously with the genocide itselfnot only with the expansive cover-up campaign of its perpetrators, but with the rhetorical onslaught of minimization undertaken by the international community.

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Srebrenica - 25 years later

Srebrenica: 25 years later

“Srebrenica is turning into a vaste slaughterhouse.  The killed and wounded are being brought to the hospital continuously. It is impossible to describe it. Each second, three deadly projectiles are falling on this town. Seventeen casualties have just been brought to the hospital, as well as 57 severely and lightly wounded people. Will anyone in the world come and witness the tragedy that is befalling Srebrenica and its residents? This is an outrageous crime against the bosniac inhabitants of Srebrencia. The population of the city dissapears.
Whether Akashi or Boutros-Ghali or someone else is behind it - I'm afraid it doesn't matter anymore for Srebrenica..“
S r e b r e n i c a , J u l y  10, 1 9 9 5, N i h a d  Ć a t i ć