For us, ecology, sustainable development, democracy and human rights are inseparable. Twenty years ago, environmental protection, energy, sustainable development and climate change were issues that only a handful of scientists and activists or green movements in rich countries faced. Today they have become important political and economic issues and are now unfortunately the biggest problem in the national and world agendas.

The reason for this is undoubtedly insufficient concern with the problem and its reduction to a purely professional and scientific level, far from the public and politics. Energy, climate change and environmental protection are not only questions of science or personal relationship to nature, but questions of consciousness and responsibility, both of individuals and of the community. For these reasons, we try to publicly address this issue, which arises from a wrong relationship with nature, the consequences of climate change and energy sources.

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Energy Poverty, Vulnerability, and Human Rights in BiH: A Historical and Contemporary Analysis

Energy Poverty, Vulnerability, and Human Rights in BiH: A Historical and Contemporary Analysis

Across Europe, the awareness on energy poverty is growing rapidly and the issue is being increasingly integrated within the activities of the European Union, evidenced by the European Commission’s flagship legislative proposal “Clean Energy for All Europeans” announced on 30th November 2016. Some of the leading institutions working on energy poverty are the EU Energy Poverty Observatory and the European Energy Community. The EU Energy Poverty Observatory urges all relevant stakeholders working on energy poverty to build and expand a specialist network dedicated to addressing the issue across the Continent. According to their official website, the Observatory has been developed by 13 different institutions, including organizations, universities, and businesses. The advisory board is comprised of over 70 leading stakeholders from across Europe and it was officially established in 2018. Its creation is an effort of the European Commission to address energy poverty in a more systematic way, provide resources for public engagement, disseminate information and facilitate knowledge sharing.