The Rule of Law, Regional Security and Human Rights

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Table of contents
7 Conference opening, introductory greetings
I Limiting Factors, Obstacles and Prerequisites
for the Introduction of the Rule of Law
The Law and the Creation of Post-Yugoslav States
13 Milan Podunavac: The Nature of Statehood in Post-Yugoslav Societies
17 Radmila Vasić: The Rule of Law in Post-War Societies
21 Siniša Tatalović: Ethnic Relations and (In)Security in Post-Yugoslav Countries
Political and Legal Realities of the Post-Yugoslav States and Human Rights
51 Jasna Bakšić-Muftić: Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Regional Context: Political and
Legal Aspect
64 Sonja Biserko: Serbia - Constant Source of Instability in the Balkans
68 Vlatko Cvrtila: Unfinished Work. National Security and Parliamentary Democracy
78 Dino Abazović: Socio-Cultural Context as a Determining Factor for the Implementation
of Human Rights
Ethno-political Conflicts and Violations of Human Rights
93 Senka Nožica: The Influence of the International Community on the Implementation of
Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina
99 Biljana Vankovska: Post-Conflict Dilemmas: Democracy and/or Peace
II Normalisation, Civil Society and the Affirmation of Human Rights
The Struggle for Human Rights and Civil Society
112 Branko Todorović: The Possibilities for War Crimes Processing in B&H
116 Zoran Pusić: Reactions to Partial Court Rulings by NGOs' Dealing with Human Rights
119 Ratko Bubalo: Refugees and Displaced Persons. From Civil Inequality to Civil Equality
122 Mirjana Galo: The Return of Refugees and Property Claims in the Republic of Croatia
The Possibilities of Introducing Civil Peace
159 Srđan Dizdarević: Truth and Reconciliation in the Service of Human Rights
165 Jovica Trkulja: Overcoming the Evil of the Authoritarian Past by Legal Methods. From
Nationalistic to Democratic Legitimacy
170 Miodrag Živanović: Human Rights and the Role of the Media
173 Nebojša Popov: The Criticism of Nationalism: a Critical Reflection
176 Stjepan Grdelj: Political Public and Democratic Consolidation
187 Madalein Rees: People Trafficking, Organised Crime and Corruption as Poverty Factors
in Bosnia and Herzegovina