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Perspectives - Women in the Western Balkans - Rights and Fights

Women in the Western Balkans - Rights and Fights
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The feminist edition of Perspectives Magazine, a regional publication published annually by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, aims to present the perspectives of Southeastern Europe to an international audience, to analyze global and regional trends and to provide insights into developments and political debates. The theme of this year's issue is gender and feminism in the Western Balkans, which is presented through four thematic units (State of the Art, Gender in Transitions: Revolution is Female?, Interventions and Resistance), which gives an overview of the context, perception of gender and the state of women's rights, and opens the issue of gender by social (re-)evolution and conflicts, initiatives and practices that contribute to the dismantling of patriarchy and very concrete practices of resistance in our countries. Through the issues of gender violence, political participation, economic relations, ecology, activism, physicality and from the perspective of female scientists, activists, journalists and writers, we focus on a kind of strategy for women's rights in the Balkans: is it based on the premise that we do not get tired and give up.

This issue of Balkan Perspectives was written by women and describes the rights and fights for gender equality which last for generations in the Western Balkans.

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2 system patriarchy - from A for abuse to V for violence
Marion Kraske
5 standby mode
Lejla Gačanica
state of play
9 ‘naming the possible, responding to the impossible’: beyond gender normative politics
Jelisaveta Blagojević, Mirjana Stošić
13 how tradition and patriarchy impact violence against women in the Western Balkans
Ermira Danaj
18 an inside look – gender equality as a principle or a phrase?
Katarina Pavičić-Ivelja
gender in transitions: revolution is female?
23 the (un)forgotten possibility of emancipation
Vera Katz
29 women’s invisibility as punishment: gender, war and transition in and after Yugoslavia
Svetlana Slapšak
34 conquering the space of freedom: a never-ending story?
Slavenka Drakulić
38 the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women in the Western Balkans
Marija Bashevska
44 feminism: a universal panacea?
Nadežda Čačinovič
47 interplay between nationalism and exploitation, producing poverty to stay in power
Katarina Peović
51 here to stay – political participation of women in the Western Balkan
Zlatiborka Popov-Momčinović
56 violence against women in politics
Ana Radičević
60 making femicide visible
Vedrana Lacmanović
66 unequal even before being born: sex-selective abortions in Montenegro
Olivera Komar
70 Kruščica in the aftermath of violence
Alma Midžić
77 property rights, economic dependence and the glass ceiling for women in Kosovo
Luljeta Demolli
81 activism in times of uncertainty: Albanian Pride 2020
Gresa Hasa
84 swimming against the current
Iva Mihajlovska

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