Böll tema - izdanje br.1/2010 - Going Green

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Table of contents
Böll.Thema Debate
«We Need a Radicalism of the Centre»                           4
Anthony Giddens, author of The Third Way,
in conversation with Ralf Fücks
Smart Technologies
Swarm Intelligence of the Small –                                              7
or a Cartel of the Powerful?
By Hannes Koch
Desertec – A Part of Tomorrow’s                                                8
Global Security Framework
By Gerhard Knies
Africans on Desertec                                                                      9
Voices from Morocco, South Africa, and Ethiopia
Contra + Pro
Contra CCS                                                                                        10
By Ingrid Nestle
Pro CCS                                                                                              10
«Coal-fired Power Plants Need Radical Change
through Carbon Capture and Storage»
By Eivind Hoff
Böll.Thema Essay
Can Economic Growth and Climate                                           12
Protection be Reconciled?
By Claudia Kemfert
New Alliances
The American Way of Change                                                     13
By Till Kotter
The Blue-Green Alliance                                                              14
By Frauke Thies
Risks and Side Effects of Eco-protectionism                         14
By Reinhard Bütikofer
A Bright Future for Solar Energy in China                             15
By Sun Xiaohua
Study 1: A Green Financial Reform to                                     16
Pay the Deficit Caused by the Crisis
By Damian Ludewig
Study 2: Sustainable Industrial Policy -                                16
Engine for a Green Transformation of the Economy
By Christian Hochfeld and Claudia Kabel